Trading Group of Fararoun Sanat Foolad Jonoob

About the Fararoun Sanat

In 2015, trading group of “Fararoun Sanat Foolad Jonoob” commenced its activities in Iran after obtaining the necessary licenses. The main goal of this group is to present a comprehensive set of the requisite services related to industrial units with focusing on supplying all infrastructural and consumption-based items of industrial units in Iran. This group by relying on the academic knowledge and specialized experiences of its employees has been able to present and develop a set of novel mechanism in the domain of meeting the needs of the industrial sector and in the long run, by creating a network of international relations, has covered the needs of industrial units in a national criterion.

Group of Fararoun Sanat is one of the active groups in supplying the required items of industrial units in Iran, which provides a considerable share of the needs of industrial units in a national criterion and with contribution of collaboration with more than 30 industrial group attempts to develop domain of presenting services by creating mutual cooperation with foreign suppliers. Concurrent with this important issue, the long-term outlook and the senior managers’ goal setting of this group in line with establishing direct and stable relationships with world valid brands and gaining sales representative and supplying of these brands in the Iranian market have incorporated and integrated to develop mutual relations alongside supplying items through import. This special outlook can pave the way for creating profitable trade relations in an international criterion and provide the condition for the attendance of companies and co-brands in the field of supplying the industrial sector in Iran.

Trading Group of Fararoun Sanat Foolad Jonoob

Fararoun Sanat Licenses

Trading group of Fararoun Sanat Foolad Jonoob, on the basis of the long-term and strategic approaches of the group’s senior managers, has consistently strived for expanding the criterion of presenting the group’s services toward the national criterion and developing the scope of relations with the other ¬†production companies of industrial sector in an international criterion. According to the main centralization of the group’s activities on supplying the required items of industrial units, obtaining the needed licenses due to importing has consistently been one of the priorities of the Fararoun Sanat. Accordingly, this group has succeeded in obtaining a set of licenses concerned with the domain of industry in an international criterion, which has increased the competitive power of Fararoun Sanat compared to identical groups and the domestic and foreign partners’ trust to this group. Some of these licenses are as following:

  • Import and trading licenses such as trading cards
  • Production licenses and ordering industrial bearings
  • Compulsive standard import license of COI certification
  • ISO quality certificates in the phases of reception

Currently, trading group of Fararoun Sanat, in an attempts to establishing mutual collaboration with brands and international suppliers, acclaims the establishment of reciprocal trade relations with active international companies in the domain of industry and tries to pave the way for winners and international companies’ attendance in the market of supplying industries in Iran that with consideration of the number of industries in Iran and the high volume of consumption items of these industries can be fulfilled the conditions in winner-winner relationship for international colleagues and suppliers.