Trading Group of Fararoun Sanat Foolad Jonoob

Colleagues of Fararoun Sanat

Fararoun Sanat has consistently tried to gain a suitable share from the market of industrial domain by presenting premier products and services, and look forward to focus on basic activities from constructive cooperation that promote the quantitative and qualitative level of products and services presented by both corporates should be incorporated and also to create a reliable brand  and assured company for many co-companies in the domain of industry and various institutions and organizations in a national criterion by originating relations based on common collaborations over the past years and moreover to establish constructive cooperation with many known brands in the domain of industry in an international criterion and colleagues of Fararoun Sanat can be divided into two groups of international and domestic colleagues.

  • Arman Gohar Sirjan Company
  • Nasr Bafgh Explorers Company
  • Kalout Civil Company
  • Developers of Arman Development
  • Hormozgan Steel Company
  • Pars Mining Company, Panj Sirjan Mountain
  • Kerman Chemical Exploration Company
  • Robat Ferroalloy Company
  • Shahvar Mineral Industry Company
  • Outstanding rubber industry
  • Rubber regeneration plant
  • Iran National Copper Industries Company
  • Chinese Pearl Company
  • Parsis Mineral Company
  • Bafgh Melting Company
  • Zarand Steel Company
  • Central Iron Ore of Iran
  • Kavosh Pajooh Yazd Company
  • Kish Texture Company
  • Salamat Dan Company
  • Sirjan Iranian Steel Company
  • P Bell Company
  • Olang Company
  • Leading health of Sepahan
  • West Azerbaijan Power Generation
  • Qom Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Butia Steel Company
  • Biston Power Generation 
  • Zanjan Power Plant 
  • Alpha Power Company
  • Negin Parto Company
  • Tabas coal
  • Amol smelting steel
  • Persian Gulf Power Creation 
  • Fakour Sanat Engineering of Tehran
  • Pars Power Control Company
  • Biston Power Generation  Company
  • Gilan Power Generation Company
  • Qom Power Generation Company
5000+Supply of parts
6+Customization Parts
22+Update parts

Fararoun Sanat Foolad Jonoob welcomes any new cooperation in an international criterion and always attempts to pave the way for improving the domain of importing, developing the quantity and quality of services in the domestic market of Iran by upgrading the necessary cornerstones.