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 We proudly design, assemble, analyze, optimize, import and meet our customers’ needs by providing them with masterful advice in the field of bearings.

Being the exclusive representative of the South Korea prominent industrial mask manufacturing company “ONNURIPLAN”, possessing the ownership of FSTEEL brand for manufacturing of excavation tools and being a real experienced importer of all types of excavation tools as well as being a noticeable provider of national and international   trading services are our strength.

By us , Experience a Different Type of Services

Our company has been established with a professional team who have been trained inside the country and abroad and are expertise in technical and commercial fields and attempted to approach its remarkable goals including the localization, optimization, self-sufficiency and improvement of both superior and inferior industry.


Brief about Us

Over and above employing experienced staffs on the realm of national and international industry, our company as a part of its program for technical improvement of bearing industry, has provided its young and adequate engineers with staff scholarship and by training them in South Korea, is prepared to expertly furnish services for our country industry, concerning to bearing provision.

National and International Trading

With regards to vast needs of our industry to business transactions, Fararoun Sanat   by aligning its technical and commercial teams, has created a modern method in the field of trading which has led to significant competitive profit for our customers to cooperate with us.

Offering Practical Advice in Relation to Purchasing and Providing Parts, Machinery, Manufacturing Line, Recycling and Optimization in Industry.

Since industrial tools and machinery contains precise details and we are certain about our knowledge of modern and current industrial brands, we confidently provide our customers with advice in relation to provision, alteration, recycling and optimization of industrial machinery and tools

Exclusive Ownership of FSteel in Manufacturing Excavation Tools

We believe that we are capable of providing well qualified tools for excavation, regarding our previous cooperation as well as national and international experiences on the ground of mining industry (exploration, explosion and excavation) which makes it possible for us to see a new horizon in manufacturing domestic excavating tools for facing our customers’ industrial demands.

Exclusive Representative of South Korea company ONNURIPLAN, Manufacturer of all Types of Respiratory Masks.

Our company by studying available industrial masks and regarding the absence of manufacturers or agentships of mentioned product, has attained the representation of one of the most qualified companies from South Korea. Their light weight along with eligible sealing on the face, inconsiderable breathing resistance as well as their anti-allergic silicon material and convenient usability for customers are just some of their salient features. It also meets international standards which has responded to demands for the presence of exclusive representative in our splendid country.



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